ETRB - East Texas Robot Builders
  Event Calendar

Meetings will be monthly but an exact meeting location has not yet been selected. The general location will be in the Tyler area and the time target is Saturday Mornings from 10:00am to 12:00am on the third Saturday of the Month.

Meetings will include group announcements, new product information, tutorials, robot show-n-tell, questions and answer sessions, and general discussion about robotics.


Robot Builders Night Out
You've heard of 'mother's day out'? Well, this is a special time where we robot builder's can get together, have some pizza, and get some serious work done. Unlike meetings, this is where a lot of hands get dirty.


Usually, Contests will be during meeting times, but in other cases we may have them in a public space like a mall or at a public event like the Fair.


Public Appearances
This section includes Fairs and other events where we just show off our creations. Libraries, museums, fund raisers, schools, and Trade shows are also possibilities.